Holiday Season NSLC Tastings


As we approach the holidays, we’ve been gearing up our tasting schedule for a busy month! We’ll be out and about the Valley and the HRM area tasting a variety of our wines at various locations… and we thought we would let you know where you’ll find us in the NSLCs.

We’ll be keeping this list updated for you so you know where you can find us. We’ll also have another post shortly with details on our Halifax Farmers’ Market Tastings, and more!

As always, for up-to-date information, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Halifax and HRM Tastings

November 27th

November 28th

December 4th

December 12th

December 15th

December 18th

December 19th

December 20th

  • Agricola Street: 1PM-4PM

Annapolis Valley Tastings

December 11th

December 23rd

Stay tuned for tastings after Christmas as well to find the perfect sparkling wine for your New Year’s Eve!

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