This past weekend we had a wonderful time hosting our 2nd annual cyclocross race: CRUSH-CROSS!

For those that haven’t heard of this exciting off-season sport yet, this was originally created as a great way for road cyclists to keep busy in the autumn months. Road bikes are outfitted with better tires, and they take their bikes off-road, through snow, wind, rain, and mud. Check it out in the gallery below.

Our vineyard, post-harvest, turns out to be a fantastic place to build a course, so we are now annually hosting a race here in tandem with the NSSP Cyclocross Series. If you want to see this sport in action, or try it yourself, check out their Facebook page here. 


We also found this great video, courtesy of “TheStudentCyclist” on Youtube, showing a warm-up run of the course. Was a awesome (albeit cold) day in the vineyard!

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