2015 Producer of the Year


We are very proud to announce that we were recently awarded the Taste of Nova Scotia Prestige Award for Producer of the Year at a presentation at this year’s Devour! Food Film Festival.

Thank you to our staff, friends, and many customers for your continued and valued support, our suppliers, partners, and clients, and to everyone who continue to recognize our commitment to producing 100% Nova Scotia wines.

The following video was presented at the ceremony last week as part of our award; thank you again to Taste of Nova Scotia for capturing what we’re all about.

An Evening of Chardonnay


A week or so ago, we had the wonderful opportunity to gather and celebrate the release (or impending release) of our entire line up of Chardonnay wines for 2015. At our “Evening of Chardonnay” event, we had the chance to sit down and try our:

  1. 2012 Crémant
  2. 2011 Cuvée L’Acadie (okay, we cheated a bit here: no Chardonnay in this one)
  3. 2014 Unoaked Chardonnay
  4. 2011 Woodside Road Sparkling
  5. 2011 Late Pick Chardonnay Sparkling
  6. 2013 Reserve Chardonnay
  7. 2012 Vin de Paille

Each wine was paired with a stellar food pairing from the folks at Field Guide Halifax. We want to thank our guests for joining us that evening and for the wonderful food, service, and venue from Field Guide.

2015 NSLC Appreciation Day


This past Labour Day, we held our third annual NSLC Appreciation Day: our day where we invite the province’s NSLC employees to join us on a visit to show our appreciation for their support of our Nova Scotia Wine Industry.

See below for a few pictures of this great day!

Vin de Paille: An exciting new style for Blomidon


If you haven’t visited us at the winery recently, you may have not yet had the chance to try one of our most exciting new wines, our 2012 Vin de Paille.

Welcome to the shop, Vin de Paille! #straw #nswine

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Vin de Paille, French for ‘straw wine’, is a relatively uncommon style found throughout Europe, and called by several other names, such as Vin Santo in Tuscany. Though there are a variety of names, the concept remains the same: the grapes are dried through varying methods to enhance the flavour and condense the juice in the grapes.

For us, we harvested our 100% estate-grown Chardonnay grapes late in 2012, and then placed them on a bed of straw at the top floor of the barn at our Blomidon vineyard. After they dried a significant amount, we took the grapes, pressed them, and fermented them.

After that, we let the wine sit in neutral oak casks for 2 years before bottling early in 2015. To finish the package, we hand wax and hand label each and every one of the 561 bottles produced of this exceptional wine.

This dessert wine is not to be confused with icewine: though sweeter than your average wine, our Vin de Paille’s sweetness is balanced by flavours of orange, caramel, apricot, and peaches. This wine would be a fantastic pairing for salty cheeses, pork rilletes, or pâté.

National critic Tony Aspler describes the wine as “full-bodied, well balanced with great length”, and awarded it a 90 point rating. Critic Sean Wood of Quench Magazine rates it a 92, citing the “complex bouquet…lemon and orange citrus character countered by great acid balance and mineral grip”.

If you are yet to try our 2012 Vin de Paille, it is available both at the winery shop and our Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market stand!

The 2015 WineAlign National Wine Awards


The results are in!


We are elated to announce that we have receive five medals at the 2015 Wine Align National Wine Awards! Congratulations to the other winning wineries, especially to our friends in our provincial wine industry.

Our 2011 Cuvée L’Acadie was a winner of a gold medal, one of only four awarded nationwide in the sparkling category.

We were also awarded Silver medals for our 2014 Unoaked Chardonnay and 2011 Late Pick Traditional Method sparkling Chardonnay. Vancouver sommelier DJ Kearney notes in her 90/100 rating of the Unoaked Chardonnay, “…highly distinctive, this chardonnay is beautifully aromatic with peachy and floral musqué scents… waves the flag impressively for Nova Scotia.” (July 27th, 2015, WineAlign.com).

We also received bronze medals for our 2014 Tidal Bay (in Blended Whites) and 2012 Crémant (in Sparkling Wines), placing them in the top half of all of the over 1400 wines tasted from across the country.

Four of the five of these wines you can find right here at the wine shop, in your local NSLC or private wine store, our Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market outlet, and at restaurants across the province.