Blomidon Estate Winery Bubbles Over Onto International Stage


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June 29, 2017


Blomidon Estate Winery Bubbles Over Onto International Stage

Canning, Nova Scotia – Blomidon Estate Winery is pleased to announce they received silver and bronze medals for three of their Méthode Traditionelle sparkling wines at the 2017 Decanter World Wine Awards.

The Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) is the world’s largest and most prestigious wine competition. This year, over 17 000 wines were entered into the competition and judged by top wine experts from around the globe. The single mission of the DWWA is to acknowledge and award quality and after a week of scrupulous judging, the highly anticipated 2017 winners were selected.

Blomidon received silver medals and 90 points for their 2011 Late Pick Chardonnay and 2012 Cuvée L’Acadie, and a bronze medal and 86 points for 2013 Crémant. These build upon the numerous awards and acclaim previously received for these sparkling wines; including the April 2017 issue of Quench Magazine, where the 2011 Late Pick Chardonnay was the top rated sparkling wine with 94 points (This impressive score placed the wine atop many other excellent sparkling wines from France (Champagne), Chile, Spain, Italy, Portugal, New Zealand and Nova Scotia), and the 2017 Atlantic Canadian Wine Awards, where it won Best in Class (joint) in the Sparkling Wine category.

These successes are an indication of the hard work and innovation that winemaker Simon Rafuse and the team at Blomidon have been putting into the wine program. “It is very energizing to have the opportunity to benchmark our wines against the world, and to come away with these medals. The whole team has a lot to be proud of with these results,” says Rafuse.

In 2007 the Ramey family purchased an existing winery – Blomidon Ridge – in Habitant. The family permanently changed the name to Blomidon Estate Winery and since that time, they have invested heavily in land, infrastructure, and most importantly, people. According to Tim Ramey, “our sole mission is to produce the very finest 100% Nova Scotia wines possible. That takes a team of very qualified people and with Simon Rafuse, Harold Gaudy (vineyard manager), and the whole Blomidon team we are beginning to fulfill our mission. To think that in a period of 10 short years we are now making wines of this caliber is both rewarding and humbling. “

Blomidon’s wines are available at the winery, the Halifax Seaport Market, and at select NSLC and private wine stores. For further information about the awards or Blomidon Estate Winery, contact the winery at (902) 582-7565 or by email:


For more information please contact:

Selena O’Connor

Wine Shop & Sales Manager

Phone: (902) 582-7565




Vineyard Updates: How to Propagate


For those of you, who like us, grow a few vines at home, we’ll be publishing a few tips on our blog on how we do things here in our vineyards. This post, we’ll cover some of the maintenance that happens this time of year, along with the beginnings of how we propagate vines.


Vine Pulling and Maintenance

We’re getting into that season where we’re thinking ahead to next year. In the vineyard, once Harvest is finished, we get lots of maintenance done, including wire repair, and pulling out any plants that are getting a little too old or unproductive. We make sure to keep an eye out for any vines that are not healthy during the summer, mark them, and we come back to pull them out and replace them.

We often tell visitors how deep a vine’s root system goes, and you really notice when you try and pull one up: this normally takes a tractor and at least two people to do it properly. You’ll see here that Kyle and Harold are working together to secure the vine for the tractor to rip it out.

Now that the vine is out of the ground, we wait at least year for the soil to recover, and then plant the following spring.


Beginning to Propagate

Depending on the vine in question, we either order in vines from a propagator (oftentimes, vinifera and other vines require grafting to grow properly: an explanation for another time), or we can propagate them ourselves if we have access to the vines we’re looking for more of.

If we’re propagating in-house, which we are for our new plantings of Baco Noir, we head outside and start pruning! We clip off this year’s healthiest canes from our best plants, making sure that each cutting has multiple buds on it for new growth to spring from. We’ll go into more detail in a few months when we prune the rest of the vineyard.

Once we’ve harvested as many of these clippings from the vineyard, it’s time to store them! We’ll start allowing them to grow as we get into the spring, but for the time being, we need to keep them safe.

“Safe” means well hydrated. A dry cutting could freeze and die over the winter, so it’s very important to keep them covered, cool (but not too cold), and damp. There are lots of ways to achieve this, but we used large containers with layers of water and paper to retain moisture, and then sealed it all in with plastic bags. They then pack them away in the barn where the temperature doesn’t drop too cold in the winter months.

We’ll revive the vines in the spring, and get going on planting shortly thereafter. You’ll hear from me again in a few months where we’ll pick up where we left off with our Baco Noir vines. I’d tell you more, but I’m learning this all for the first time too!





New Wines: Chardonnay and Riesling


We have been hinting at this for awhile, but at long last, it’s time: we have not one, but two brand new styles of wine officially joining our wine shop and Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market stand on November 26th. You can also order them right now from our online store to ship to your door.

This year, we’ve already had two new styles of Chardonnay, our Vin de Paille, and our Woodside Sparkling, besides the return of an old favourite, our Reserve Chardonnay. We’re not done yet, however!

We’re very happy to release both our 2014 Riesling and our 2011 Late Pick Chardonnay Sparkling this coming weekend.

2014 Riesling


We’ve been working on a small plot of Riesling at the bottom of our Blomidon vineyard for several years, in an area very positively influenced by our Minas Basin tides. This is our first vintage!

100% estate grown, this Riesling shows aromas of summer flowers and citrus, with a spicy rose note that comes from a very small percentage of estate-grown Gewürztraminer from our Woodside Road Vineyard.

On the palate, the spirited acidity is balanced by a touch of sweetness, making this wine a perfect pairing for freshly shucked Nova Scotia oysters or a spicy shrimp curry. Only 19 cases of this wine were made, so try it over at the Halifax Market next weekend, find it on our shop,  or add it to your cart right now.


2011 Late Pick Chardonnay Sparkling

Late Pick ChardonnayThis sparkler had the benefit of a long cool growing season, allowing the grapes to hang longer and develop in both flavour and complexity. Produced, as with all of our sparkling wines, in the traditional method, the 2011 Late Pick Chardonnay is our very first Extra Brut. Dry, light, and refreshing, this shows notes of crisp apple and lemon, paired with a creamy mousse.

If you haven’t thought of a pairing yet, give this a try with some Acadian Sturgeon Caviar… we tried some at the Devour! Food Film Festival, and the two worked together wonderfully.

You’ll be able to find this wine at Bishop’s Cellar, as well as the winery and the Halifax Market on November 26th, and by clicking the button below.

Both of these wines will be available at the wine shop on November 26th, and are available for pre-order on our online store here (they’ll ship November 25th).


Holiday Season NSLC Tastings


As we approach the holidays, we’ve been gearing up our tasting schedule for a busy month! We’ll be out and about the Valley and the HRM area tasting a variety of our wines at various locations… and we thought we would let you know where you’ll find us in the NSLCs.

We’ll be keeping this list updated for you so you know where you can find us. We’ll also have another post shortly with details on our Halifax Farmers’ Market Tastings, and more!

As always, for up-to-date information, you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Halifax and HRM Tastings

November 27th

November 28th

December 4th

December 12th

December 15th

December 18th

December 19th

December 20th

  • Agricola Street: 1PM-4PM

Annapolis Valley Tastings

December 11th

December 23rd

Stay tuned for tastings after Christmas as well to find the perfect sparkling wine for your New Year’s Eve!



This past weekend we had a wonderful time hosting our 2nd annual cyclocross race: CRUSH-CROSS!

For those that haven’t heard of this exciting off-season sport yet, this was originally created as a great way for road cyclists to keep busy in the autumn months. Road bikes are outfitted with better tires, and they take their bikes off-road, through snow, wind, rain, and mud. Check it out in the gallery below.

Our vineyard, post-harvest, turns out to be a fantastic place to build a course, so we are now annually hosting a race here in tandem with the NSSP Cyclocross Series. If you want to see this sport in action, or try it yourself, check out their Facebook page here. 


We also found this great video, courtesy of “TheStudentCyclist” on Youtube, showing a warm-up run of the course. Was a awesome (albeit cold) day in the vineyard!