Our History

The Canning area was once known as Rivière de Vieux Habitants, due to its proximity to the Rivière de la Veille Habitation (Habitant River) and named for the residents of Acadie (Habitants) who cultivated the land in the region.  Following the Acadian expulsion in 1755, the land was re-settled by New England Planters.  This area, along the shores of the Minas Basin, was once a well known area for shipbuilding and the famous Annapolis Valley orchards.  In fact, Canning was once known as Apple Tree Landing.



Th0010-001e first vineyards were planted on our site in 1986.  At that time, the owners of the property sold all of the grapes to Jost Vineyards in Malagash, NS.  After some tumultuous years of ownership, the property was purchased by the owners of Creekside Estate Winery in Niagara, ON, who were responsible for constructing the winery and extending the vineyard plantings.  The wines were first commercialised under the Habitant Vineyards label, before being rebranded as Blomidon Estate Winery in 2002.



ThWinery (1 of 1)-4e Ramey family purchased the winery in 2007.  Since taking over, they have focused on investing in the facility and increasing the production of the winery, all while improving the quality of the vineyards and the wines.  Blomidon Estate Winery is now one of the rising stars of the Nova Scotia wine industry, producing exciting, terroir driven wines perfect for our local cuisine.  As Craig Pinhey, Atlantic Canada’s Wine, Beer and Spirits Writer, noted in The Coast “Exciting things are happening at Blomidon these days.”